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Master Logger Program


The Ohio Master Logger Program certifies the best management practices utilized by the loggers within the state of Ohio.

The Ohio Forestry Association maintains a Safety Training and Voluntary Certification Program for Logging Contractors and their employees.  The following requirements are necessary for the Ohio Voluntary Master Logging Companies:

  1. Each trained logger is trained to use Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce soil erosion and improve the appearahce of timber harvesting activities.
  2. Each trained logger is trained to employ safe and efficient timber cutting and logging safety practices.
  3. Each traned logger has current certification in First Aid and CPR.
  4. The Company maintains Worker's Compensation coverage on employees.
  5. The Company provides liability coverage on request.
  6. Each trained logger must participate in advanced training and periodic recertification training.
  7. Each trained logger must be a member of the Ohio Forestry Association, Inc.